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3 09233 IMPERIA TRIO DEAL Buy all 3:  100ml Imperia Perfume Body Spray, 50ml Imperia Eau de Parfum and 50ml Imperia Roll On.  Enjoy the sent of an elegant bouquet of Jasmin, Orange Blossom that settles into a rich, lastin base of vanilla and sandalwood.  R   329.00  R 141.00
7 09236 TABASHEER COMBO DEAL Buy All 3: 10ml Tabasheer EDP, 100ml Tabasheer Parfum Body Spray and 50ml Tabasheer EDP .  A blend of rose, jasmine and lily of the valley scent.  R   379.00  R 155.00
13 07524 TISSUE OIL BONUS SIZE 200ml Bonus Size.  Tissue Oil Original.  Reduces the appearance of scars and stretch marks in 14 days.  Enriched with 4 botanical skin-renewing oils in a formula know to help.  R   175.00  R   84.00
14 00750 TISSUE OIL 100ML ORIGINAL 100ml Tissue Oil Original.  See the difference now twice as fast.  Soften & elasticise skin.  Improves skin's texture.  Reduce lines & wrinkles.  R   109.00  R   36.00
15 01171 TISSUE OIL 60ML 60ml Tissue Oil Original.  New Formula. Reduces the appearance of scars and stretch marks in just 28 days.  R     69.00  R   30.00
15 79029 TISSUE OIL CLEANSING BAR 150g Tissue Oil Cleansing Bar.  Gently cleanses, nourishes and restores skin's pH to normal.  R     49.00  R   20.00
16 00751 TISSUE OIL BODY BUTTER 250ML 200ml Tissue Oil Softening Body Butter. New Formula.  Soften skin. Thick, luxurious formula that provides intense moisturisation for very dry skin.  R   105.00  R   54.00
18 01170 TISSUE OIL STRETCH MARK CREAM 150ml Tissue Oil Stretch Mark Cream.  Helps improve skin's elasticity & helps rebuild collagen & elastin fibres.  R   149.00  R   30.00
22 01080 TISSUE OIL SKIN REPAIR FOR FACE SPF20 30ml Tissue Oil Skin Repair for Face with SPF20.  Reduces redness caused by skin irritations. Forumulated with Vitamin E, to reduce sun damage in 14days.  R     65.00  R   14.00
22 07571 TISSUE OIL SKIN REPAIR FOR FACE SPF20  OILY SKIN 30ml Tissue Oil Skin Repair for Face with SPF20 For Oily Skin.  Moisturises skin with a matte Finish.  Enriched with aluminum starch know to help reduce oiliness.  R     65.00  R   14.00
23 1301213 TISSUE OIL LIP THERAPY 4g Tissue Oil Lip Therapy.  Helps soothe and moisturise dry chapped lips.  R     65.00  R   14.00
24 89905 TISSUE OIL GOLD 50ML 50ml Tissue Oil Gold with SPF 25.  Gives a 24hr moisturisation and even skin tone and reduces pigmentation.  R   359.00  R   80.00
25 13253 TISSUE OIL GOLD INTENSIVE BODY BUTTER 200ml Tissue Oil Gold Intensive Body Butter.  Added Vitamin A, C and E.  Helps protect skin and gives it a radiant, even toned appearance.  R   175.00  R   40.00
46 04495 WISTERIA EDP BONUS Bonus Size 100ml Wisteria Eau de Parfum.  Experience the sensuality of Chypre Fruity Scent  R   315.00  R   84.00
47 09238 WISTERIA COMBO Buy All 3:  100ml Wisteria Body Cream, 100ml Wisteria Body Spray and 50ml Wisteria Roll on.  Be lavished with the scent of hypnotic cirtus, red fruit and patchouli with a velvety vanilla base.  R   129.00  R   46.00
50 09239 CANTARE COMBO Buy all 3:  200ml Cantare Body Cream, 100ml Perfumed Body Spray and 50ml Cantare Roll On.  Floriental Scent. Floral Medley Scent.  Full for a passionate scent.  R   149.00  R   71.00
54 09251 CARPE DIEM TRIO Carpe Diem Combo - 50ml Carpe Diem Roll On and 100ml Carpe Diem Deodorant Spray and 100ml Carpe Diem Cologne.  A combination of fresh citrus notes and masculine notes of patchouli and cedar wood.  R   349.00  R 150.00
59 09242 RED EXTREME COMBO Buy Both: 50ml Red Extreme Cologne.  (Ideal for travelling) and  50ml Red Extreme Roll On. Chypre Citrus Green.  Warm Spices splashed with bergamot and lemon.  R   199.00  R   75.00
63 00762 A-FIRM PLATINUM ANTI-AGEING SERUM 30ml A-Firm Platinum Anti-Ageing Serum and Free A-Firm Intensive Anti-Wrinkele eye cream.  A platinum-infused formula to strengthen more mature skin.  R   349.00  R 193.00
63 00760 A-FIRM PLATINUM ANTI-AGEING DAY CREAM 50ML 50ml A-Firm Platinum Anti-Ageing Day Cream SPF 25 and Free A-Firm Intensive Anti-Wrinkle eye cream.  Decreases wrinkle depth in 14 days,  and is formulated to help restore youthful, more radiant looking skin.  R   309.00  R   40.00
63 00761 A-FIRM PLATINUM ANTI-AGEING NIGHT CREAM 50ML 50ml A-Firm Platinum Anti-Ageing Night Cream and Free A-Firm Intensive Anti-Wrinkle eye cream.  Increases skin's smoothness and decreases wrinkle depth in only 7 days.  R   309.00  R   40.00
67 04739 A-FIRM TIME REVERSAL SERUM 30ml A-Firm Time Reversal Serum.  Reduces the appearance of lines & wrinkles in just 3 days  R   299.00  R         -  
67 4739-7677-7818 A-FIRM TIME REVERSAL CHOOSE ANY 2 FOR R499 AND SAVE R99 Buy Any 2:  50ml A-Firm Time Reversal Anti-Ageing Day Cream SPF 25, 50ml A-Firm Time Reversal Night Cream or 30ml A-Firm Time Reversal Serum.  Helps skin look & feel firmer, Lifts & reshape skin for more youthful definition.  For an Special Price by choosing any 2 products for R499 and save R99.  R   499.00  R   99.00
71 09244 FORTIGRAIN FACE COMBO Buy All 3:  120ml FortigrainCleansing Oil, 50ml FortiGrain Day Cream and 15ml FortiGrain Revitalising Solution.  Increases skins hydration more then 60% in just 2 hours.  R   479.00  R 124.00
72 08828 HYDRO SURGE GEL 50ml Hydro Surge Gel.  Skin loses its ability to hold moisture as it ages, resulting in dryness and sagging.  Essentials Hydro Surge Gel helps give dehydrated skin an intense moisture boost for up to 24hours no matter your age.  R   109.00  R         -  
73 42217 MICELAR WATER 200ml Micellar Water.  This Micelar, Soap Free, wipe off cleanser quickly removes dirt, oil and makeup leavin skin feeling soft, conditioned and freshed.  R     99.00  R         -  
75 74234 OIL CONTROL FACIAL SCRUB 150ml Oil Control Anti-Blemish Facial Scrub.  Removes dead skin, excess oil & promotes cell renewal  R     99.00  R   41.00
75 74252 OIL CONTROL CLARIFYING TONER 200ml Oil Control Clarifying Toner.  Soothes and calms skin, while preparing it for moisturisation.  R     95.00  R         -  
75 74121 OIL CONTROL FACE WASH  200ml Oil Control Deep Cleansing Face Wash.  Helps clarify and purify the skin, effectively treating blemishes and other symptoms normally associated with problem skin.  R   109.00  R         -  
75 74257 OIL CONTROL MATTE EFFECT CREAM 50ml Oil Control Matte Effect Cream.  Provides an instant matte look whilst addressing the problems of excessive oiliness and superficial blemishes.  R     99.00  R   90.00
75 74118 OIL CONTROL MATTIFYING GEL CREAM 50ml Oil Control Mattifying Gel Cream.  A lightweight, oil absorbing gel cream that mattifies and hydrates skin for up to 8 hours  R     99.00  R         -  
75 74234-74252-74257-74118 OIL CONTROL COMBO - SPECIAL PRICE CHOOSE ANY 3 FOR R249 AND SAVE UP TO R78 Buy any 3 of the following products and save up to R78.  150ml Oil Control Anti-Blemish Facial Scrub, 200ml Oil Control Clarifying Toner, 200ml Oil Control Deep Cleansing Face Wash, 50ml Oil Control Matte Effect Cream and 50ml Oil Control Mattifying Gel Cream  R   249.00  R   78.00
77 07809 PERFECTING FOAMING CLEANSER 150ml Perfecting Foaming Cleanser. With phytol and bearberry extract. Helps stimulate Cell renewal, unblock pores & reduce damage.  R     79.00  R         -  
77 53339 PERFECTING TONER 200ml Perfecting Toner.  With phytol and bearberry exctract.  Helps soothe problem skin, reduce redness & prevent breakouts.  R     79.00  R   30.00
77 41984 PERFECTING MOISTURISING DAY CREAM SPF25 50ml Perfecting Day Cream SPF25.  Evens out skin tone while keeping it moisturised. With phytol and bearberry exctract.  R   149.00  R         -  
77 41868 PERFECTING NIGHT CREAM 50ml Perfecting Night Cream.  With new Phytol, Reduces dark marks and uneven skin tone, while regenerating the look of dull skin.  R   149.00  R         -  
77 07809-53339-41984-41868 BUY ANY CLEANSER, TONER, DAY OR NIGHT CREAM FOR ONLY R205 AND SAVE 23 Buy any 2 of the following Perfecting Products for only R205 and save R23.  150ml Perfecting Foaming Cleanser, 200ml Perfecting Toner, 50ml Perfecting Day Cream SPF25 or 50ml Perfecting Night Cream.  R   205.00  R   23.00
78 07793 BALANCING FOAMING CLEANSER 150ml Balancing Foaming Cleanser.  A foaming gel cleanser, removes surface oil and strengthens skins's moisture barrier after cleansing.  R     79.00  R         -  
78 41865 BALANCING TONER 200ml Balancing Toing Lotion.  To purify and condition normal/combination skin.  R     79.00  R   30.00
78 41832 BALANCING MOISTURISING DAY CREAM SPF20 50ml Balancing Day Cream SPF15.  Now with Phytol. Nourishes cheeks & controls T-zone oiliness  R   149.00  R         -  
78 41843 BALANCING NIGHT CREAM 50ml Balancing Night Cream. Now with Phytol, Nourishes skin at night while keepin it at anormal PH level.  R   149.00  R         -  
106 04681 TISSUE OIL BABY WASH 200ml Tissue Oil Baby Botanicals Baby Wash & Shampoo.  Hypoallergenic.  Suitable for sensitive skin paediatrician tested.  R     89.00  R   20.00
110 48556 TABASHEER ROLL ON 50ml Tabasheer Ladies Anti-Perspirant Roll On Deodorant.  Effective underarm protection.  R     25.00  R   10.00
110 49058 CANTARE ROLL ON 50ml Cantare Roll-On Deodorant.  A Blend of Rose, Jasmine and ylang-ylang, enlivened by luscious patchouli and mandarin.  R     25.00  R   10.00
110 49123 BELLA ROLL ON 50ml Bella Anti-Perspirant Roll-On Deodorant.  Floriental Scent, Notes that that wil create a fragrance that will have you turing heads.  R     25.00  R   10.00
111 05474 BELLA BODY SPRAY 100ML 100ml Bella Parfum Body Spray. Floriental Scent, Notes that that wil create a fragrance that will have you turing heads.  R     55.00  R   15.00
111 05471 TABASHEER BODY SPRAY 100ml Tabasheer Parfum Body Spray.  A blend of rose, jasmine and lily of the valley scent.  R     55.00  R   15.00
112 49157 CARPE DIEM ROLL ON 50ml Carpe Diem Men's Anti-Perspirant Roll On Deodorant.  Effective underarm protection.  R     25.00  R   10.00
113 05722 RED EXTREME DEO SPRAY 225ml Red Extreme Men's Deodorant Spray.  Warm Spices splashed with bergamot and lemon travel a path laden with cedarwood and vetiver.  R     77.00  R   18.00
113 01116 CARPE DIEM AFTER DARK SPRAY 225ML  225ml Carpe Diem After Dark Deodorant Spray. Intense infusion of Lemon, Black Pepper and Star Anise.  R     77.00  R   18.00
113 05720 CARPE DIEM DEO SPRAY 225ML 225ml Carpe Diem Deodorant Spray.  A combination of fresh citrus notes and masculine notes of patchouli and cedarwood.  R     77.00  R   18.00
113 COMBO BUY ANY 2 OF THE ABOVE MEN'S DEODARANT SPRAYS FOR ONLY R139 AND SAVE R51 Buy any 2 of the Above Men's Deodarant Sprays for only R139 and save R51.   225ml Mashari for Him Deodorant Spray, 225ml Red Extreme Men's Deodorant Spray, 225ml Carpe Diem After Dark Deodorant Spray, 225ml Carpe Diem Riche Deodorant Spray or 225ml Carpe Diem Access Deodorant Spray  R   139.00  R   51.00
114 04761 SOLARTEC FACE SPF 30 75ml SolarTec Skincare Age Defence for Face SPF 30.  Effective sun protection to keep skin protected and a vitamin-enriched formula to leave it feeling soothed, supple and full of vitality.  R   109.00  R   20.00
114 00825 SOLARTEC MATTIFYING SPF50 75ml SolarTec Mattifying Defence for Face SPF50.  A light SPF50 lotion suitable for all Ethnicities.  Apply mornings after cleansing or when outdoors or swimming.  R   109.00  R   40.00
114 04767 SOLARTEC KIDS SPF 50 75ml SolarTec Kids face and body cream SPF50.  Suitable for kids' sensitive skin, it provides high-level protection from UVA and UVB radiation and hydrates the skin.  R   109.00  R   20.00
114 COMBO SOLARTEC SUMMER SPECIAL - BUY ANY 2 FOR ONLY R199 AND SAVE UP TO R60 Buy any 2 of the Solartec Summer Special for only R199 and save up to R60.  75ml SolarTec Skincare Age Defence for Face SPF 30, 75ml SolarTec Mattifying Defence for Face SPF50 or 75ml SolarTec Kids face and body cream SPF50.  R   199.00  R   60.00

 Please note that we attempt to have as much of the Justine product range available as possible for your convenience. Although we cannot guarantee availability, mostly due to space constraints, we get pretty close!

We can quickly source most products between our branches or place a priority order for our clients directly with Justine. We normally have the latest monthly offers in store after the 10th of each month depending on courier lead times. The prices in the Justine brochure supersede our website and in-store prices where contradictions or print differences may occur.

Store information - Pretoria & Surrounding:

Brooklyn Mall
Shop 77, next to Checkers
338 Bronkhorst Street, New Muckleneuk
Tel: 012 346 0042

Forest Hill City
Shop 41, next to Edgars
Cnr. N14 & R55, Centurion
Tel: 012 668 1028

Kolonnade Shopping Centre
Shop U62, opposite Edgars
Cnr. Zambezi Drive & Dr. Van der Merwe Str, Montana Park
Tel: 012 548 4906

Menlyn Park
Shop LF23, opposite Exclusive Books
Cnr. Atterbury & Lois Avenue, Menlyn
Tel: 012 368 1110

Soshanguve Crossing
Shop 53, opposite Miladys
Cnr. Ruth First Rd & Aubrey Matlala Str, Soshanguve
Tel: 012 793 0035

Waverley Gardens Centre
Shop 12 (Delton Jewellers)
779 Codonia Ave (opposite Lawson Ave), Waverley
Tel: 012 332 3152

Wonderboom Junction
Shop G34, next to Ackermans
Cnr. Lavender East & Lavender West Rds, Annlin
Tel: 012 543 1348

Wonderpark Centre 1 & 2
Shop 116 (near Pick ‘n Pay) & Shop 550 (new phase)
Cnr. Old Brits Road & Heinrich Ave, Akasia
Tel: 012 549 5098 / 3614

Store information - Johannesburg & Surrounding:

Clearwater Mall
Shop UM030B, Upper level, near Dischem / next to Cafe Rousse
Cnr. Hendrik Potgieter & Christiaan De Wet Road, Roodepoort
Tel: 011 475 8097

Woodmead Retail Park
Shop 45-47, next to Mr Price
1 Waterfall Street, Woodmead
Tel: 011 656 9728

Mpumalanga: Highveld Mall
Shop 50F, opposite American Swiss
Cnr. N4 Highway & Mandela Street, Witbank
Tel: 013 692 4223

Mpumalanga: Middelburg Mall
Shop 90, opposite GAME
Sondagsrivier Street, Middelburg
Opening November 2014

Vereeniging: River Square Shopping Centre
Shop D7, opposite Milky Lane
Nile Drive, Three Rivers, Vereeniging
Tel: 016 423 7664

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